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Culture Heritage Investments in Japan

A new approach to cultural preservation

First Fundraising Campaign: May 15th ~ June 28th

Culture Heritage Investments in Japan

A new approach to cultural preservation

First Fundraising Campaign:
May 15th ~ June 28th

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What we do

We specialize in transforming iconic properties across Japan into unique vacation rentals while prioritizing their cultural preservation and fostering partnerships with local communities.

what we value

Japan is home to a plethora of cultural and historical treasures, often facing preservation challenges due to limited resources. Simultaneously, the growing influx of international travelers presents an opportunity to leverage these sites for vacation experiences. Our approach emphasizes the preservation of local heritage while embracing the diverse visions of the communities we serve.

what we provide

Discovering exceptional and lucrative properties in Japan can pose a challenge, but we’re here to simplify the process for you. Through partnerships with local communities, we provide access to unique assets like temples, allowing you to invest in high-yield real estate with the confidence of an experienced investor in Japan.


Exceptional Returns

Our lodgings offer high return potential, driven by foreign travelers’ interest in Japanese history and culture. (Simulated projected yield is 9%.)


Easy Entry

You can start your investment with as little as 222 USD
(current price of one share)


Exclusive Perks

Enjoy access to the special perks such as voting as well as lodging and local tours whenever you travel to Japan.


Find iconic properties

We meticulously select properties located in areas of high current or anticipated market demand through our rigorous curation process, ensuring alignment with local community values and aspirations.

Secure the property

For each property, we establish a company limited and offer shares for public investment, providing stakeholders with a direct and transparent opportunity to participate in the venture.

operate the property

Upon completion of renovations, the property becomes available for use or rent as a unique vacation destination. Our dedicated team manages all operational aspects to ensure a seamless experience for investors and guests alike.

Sell your

Receive quarterly financial reports for transparency and control. Join property discussion forums and enjoy regular local tours. Maintain flexibility to sell shares on the market or divest ownership.

Find iconic properties

We choose locations with high current or future market demand through our strict curation process while ensuring consensus with locals.

Secure the property

We create an SPC for each property and offer shares for public investment

Use the property

Once the renovation is complete, you can begin to use the property or rent it out as a vacation rental. We will take care of the operations.

Sell your shares

We will send out quarterly financial reports. You have the option to sell your shares on the trading market or sell your property.


The list of properties will be updated on a regular basis

Ryogonji temple

Irokawa village, Nachi Katsuura

Nestled atop the mountains near the renowned Nachi Falls and Kumano pilgrimage trails, Ryogonji is a local temple over a century old. Embodying a guardian presence, it overlooks the quaint village of Irokawa, offering rejuvenation to visitors seeking solace amidst Japan’s cultural and religious heritage.


Press release


Investment opportunities are the same for non-Japanese residents as they are for Japanese residents. Payments can be made through bank transfers, similar to traditional methods of acquiring shares. For payments below 100 million Japanese yen (approximately 6,380 USD), we offer the option of using WISE as the payment method. For payments exceeding 100 million yen, transactions must be conducted via SWIFT. Please consult your bank to understand any commission fees associated with the transaction.
Additionally, this investment structure is based on Japanese law. Please ensure that your investments comply with the laws of your country of residence.

Currently, the shares are not issued on the blockchain. For this fundraising campaign, we are using the traditional method of issuing shares, which involves accepting payments via bank transfer.

You can sell your shares to any individual. Operationally, PlanetDAO001 will manage the sale of your shares.

The financial return primarily consists of capital gains when shares are resold and income from dividends derived from the profits of the vacation rental business. The estimated return is over 9%. Additionally, actively promoting with the DAO community can potentially increase your returns.



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None of the information on our website (“Site”) should be construed as investment, financial, tax, or legal advice. Information on the Site has been prepared by PlanetDAO 001, Inc. (“PlanetDAO”) without reference to any particular individual’s investment goals or financial situation.Depending on the business situation, there is a possibility that dividends will not be paid to shareholders and the value of the shares may be significantly impaired. Please refer to PlanetDAO’s Terms of Service and the Statement of Important Matters for more details.

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