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About Planet Labs

Planet Labs

Company name:

Planet Labs Inc.


Tamaki Nishimura


102-0093 Tokyo, Chiyoda-ku, Hirakawacho 2-5-3 NAGATACHO

Date of establishment:


Prime investor:


Tamaki Nishimura

Tamaki Nishimura

Founder & CEO

Since 2018, I have managed a platform offering local experiences and events for international travelers. In 2022, I helped establish ‘CryptoBase,’ a co-working space for Web3 businesses in Tokyo, and spoke at numerous conferences. Drawing on these experiences, I founded PlanetDAO to innovate in the digital domain.

Jun Ishikawa

Jun “Wassan” Ishikawa


As the former Director of GaiaX Global Marketing & Ventures, a subsidiary of Gaiax, I led the launch of international businesses and teams. Since relocating to Ama-cho, I has been dedicated to discovering sustainable living practices that harmonize with nature and the community, engaging in activities such as island revitalization and winemaking.

Asami Oyama

Asami Oyama

Sales manager

Born in Japan and raised in Hawaii, I have experience launching the food and beverage business in Singapore and expanding a car rental business in Los Angeles, USA. I relocated to the Netherlands in May 2024.

Monika Sadkiewicz

Monika Sadkiewicz

Community manager

I was born in Poland and I’ve been living in Japan for 15 years, navigating the challenges of a third-culture identity.
For the past decade, I’ve built communities of students and parents through education, using English to connect people. My experience includes working as a Customer Service Representative for a cultural travel agency, where I met PlanetDAO’s founder, Tamaki. In 2023, driven by a desire to give back to Japan and extend my impact, I focused on sustainability, architecture, human relations, and sociocultural anthropology. With PlanetDAO, I aim to solve global issues and bridge cultures, people, and nations.

Ricky Tanaka

Ricky Tanaka

Marketing manager

After working in business planning and launching at a major electronics manufacturer, I supported brand marketing for sports, daily goods, and fashion brands at an advertising agency. I then launched an HR tech business using AI and promoted entertainment × Web3 as a BizDev at the startup Gaudiy. I am now with PlanetLabs and currently based in Australia.

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